Safety Tips for a Girls Night out
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Safety Tips for a Girls Night out

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Girls night out sounds exciting and full of fun! Going out for a few drinks to catch up with your girl friends or to celebrate any special occasion has become a new ritual in the lives of young girls and today’s modern elderly women.

There is nothing wrong in a Girls night out, but it is always good to make your self aware of all the safety tips which can help you to protect yourself on a night out. In order to have a really good time, and to return home safe and sound follow these safety tips which will surly guide you in preventing your self, to become targeted; especially at bars and clubs which are a prime spot for all the mishaps.

Read on to learn the top safety tips to avoid running into potentially dangerous and risky situations associated with a Girls night out.

Tips on Personal Safety

1) Don’t act like a naïve person by leaving your handbag unattended when you get up for a dance. You may think that it is safe leaving your bag but it can easily disappear in a fraction of a second. Take care of your belongings properly to avoid getting into an awkward and problematic situation.

2 ) Do not forget to take your mobile phone with you. Remember to take it fully charged and with sufficient credit. In noisy settings bear in mind to keep your phone on vibrating mode as you will never be able to hear the ringer. If you loose your friends by any chance or get trapped in a tricky situation, your phone will aid to your rescue.

3) If you opt to return home in a taxi it is always better to have a friend with you. Try not to travel alone in the night, and in case you have to, always sit in the back seat. Inform by calling or by sending a text with the taxi number and driver ID to your parents or your friend for your personal safety. And do remember to let them know once you arrive home safe and sound.

It is safer to catch a taxi, than letting a stranger drive you home. Don’t think of saving your money by taking a free ride home with a stranger, as you can easily end up being raped and robbed. Always remember that it is better to be safe than sorry.

4) It is important to talk about “who, what, when, where and how” of your evening’s possibilities. Remember to decide who is going to be the designated driver of your evening. Be clear about the meeting spot in terms of where and when. It is very important to make sure everyone is on the same page to avoid any confusions and misunderstandings.

5) For safety carry a pepper spray in your handbag. Try not to be in isolated corners to make or take a phone call. Avoid being in places which are away from the public eye as you can be easily harassed or victimized. Avoid being in an empty corridor, an empty washroom and dark places as they are very risky and unsafe. When you go to a washroom, take a friend along, Sticking with your group is the best way to stay out of harm's way.

Tips on Sensible Drinking

1) Never leave your drink unattended even for a few seconds. Keeping an eye on your drink is very important from the time the bartender starts making your drink. Remember it only takes a split second for anyone untrustworthy, to slip something in your drink.

2) In case you have to leave your drink make sure that you leave it under the supervision of those you know you can trust. The best way to stay safe is by finishing your drink before you go anywhere.

3) Do not mix your drinks and always stay in your limits. Avoid being reckless and irresponsible while drinking. Drinking too quickly can also turn dangerous, so enjoy your drink at a snail’s pace.

4) Never leave your house empty stomach if you plan to drink as food helps to absorb alcohol. Eat a decent meal before you go or eat while you drink. Food really helps to limit the alcohol from getting into your bloodstream.

If you keep all the above points in mind you will very well be out of harm’s way. Enjoy your night out !

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